COELAN® Boat Coating


CELAN Boat Coating ranked as world best varnish!

Since 1954 COELAN has been setting the highest standards in paint quality and beauty! COELAN is a global industrial coating leader and nearly 50 patents and registered designs. COELAN Marine Coating is possibly the best wood coating on the market. Once applied, this polyurethane coating will not require re-coating for many years!

COELAN Boat Coating has been ranked as world best varnish by international boat magazines and independent short and long term product tests.

COELAN Marine Paint is a high quality Boat Coating that will result in a significant cost saving due to reductions in material, maintenance frequency and labor.

US exclusive Importer for COELAN Boat Coating  is Premapro LLC. 


Supplementary Products for COELAN Applicaions

RedTree®  paint brushes

Every craftsman knows that for a perfect job good tools are mandatory. For a good and long lasting coating RedTree paint brushes are recommended. RedTree brushes, rollers and accessories are the finest handcrafted coating and paint application tools available. Redtree Industries brushes are designed specifically to ensure a guaranteed high quality application.


Since 1889 NautiChem - Paul Pietschke, Hamburg has successfully produced high quality elastic sealants, coatings and lubricants for the global commercial marine market. NautiChem products are used by leading ship yards and national navies like the German Navy, Norwegian Navy, French Navy and the Danish Navy
as well as in many other fields of application. Product like WKT, P-Bond and Teak Oil have been developed specifically to meet the demanding requirements of the ship building and yacht industry.

WKT Sealant is an extremely long lasting, highly elastic, silicone based sealing compound.


P-BOND Adhesive is a new type of 2 component adhesive and is highly recommended where strong and durable elastic bonding is required.


NAUTICHEM TeakOil is a is a fast drying, penetrating wood finish based on high grade linseed oil and special alkyd resins.